Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

I wrote this on my Facebook page for my children and friends to see. I think it is important for others to see this also.

"Another Father’s Day,
Again I wish to say that it is wonderful to be appreciated by one’s own children. But it is also a day that (should) remind a father of the importance of being one. It is a tremendous undertaking and one with a huge amount of responsibility. A father should always be a person their children can look up to. A person that sons and daughters both can look up to and admire. A person of integrity that can be trusted to be the person he says he is. A person of honesty that is truthful in his dealings with his family. When a girl becomes a woman she will be blessed if she was raised by a father who treated her mother with love, honor, and respect so that she has learned to expect that same treatment from the person she has chosen as her life’s companion. A son needs to see the demonstration of love, honor, and respect given by his father to his mother so that he will learn to treat his life’s companion in the same manner. Both children need to see their father treat all women with respect so that they will both  expect and demand that when they are grown.
Children want to love and respect their parents. It causes almost irreparable harm if their parents loose that love and respect. This is why being a father is that tremendous undertaking, it is incumbent upon all fathers to be worthy of their children.
My children are an indescribable blessing to me and have brought me more joy than I have words for. I can only hope that I am worthy of mine.

Today I have received several messages of love from my children and I want all of you to know that I love you beyond measure."

Fathers, if you cannot see this, if you do not understand the importance of treating women and children with respect then you need to re-examine yourselves and think of what kind of damage you do to your children and the women in your lives.

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