Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why Am I Here

For years I have either witnessed or read about violence against women. For a time, I said nothing, did nothing, but as the years went by feelings grew stronger and I have reached the point where I must speak out. In the last couple of years I started making comments on other blogs. Eventually some of them invited me to post on their blogs for which I am grateful beyond words and on which I will continue to post. One of them suggested that I start my own blog and thanks to her and the others I now have the courage to do so.

Rape is on of the most degrading acts that can be performed on another person. It is devasting to the victim who often becomes the target of demeaning and even antagonistic treatment for reporting the crime. Although it does happen to men by far and away women are the targets. Think for a minute, these are our mothers, wives, sisters and more. It is beyond my comprehension how we as a society and as individuals can allow this to continue.

Domestic violence is inexcuseable. The home is supposed to be a place of refuge. A safe haven for all the members of the family. Commonly the wives and children see the husband as the protector. When he turns to violence as a means to control or as targets of his frustration in life he becomes less than a man. He who would destroy the sanctity of the home is one of the lowest forms of life. There is no excuse for abuse!